Pilots, Research, and Planning

Strengthening Your Program Portfolio 

Have an idea in mind for a new energy efficiency program offering, but not sure where to start? Need help determining which programs are best for your customers—and which will provide the greatest return on investment? WECC is here to help. We develop, test, and implement emerging technologies and new program approaches that keep our clients on the cutting edge of energy efficiency. We also perform portfolio evaluations and provide direction to clients—helping them meet energy savings objectives as intelligently and cost effectively as possible.

Pilot Programs

Having pioneered energy solutions since our inception in 1980, WECC continues to pave the way in the development of innovative energy saving programs and techniques. Just a sampling of the pilot programs we have recently conceptualized and/or implemented include: MarketLift (retailer incentivization for lighting programs), Together We Save (residential retrofits), Home Energy Affordability Loan (employer-sponsored home energy audits), iCanConserve (community-based outreach to encourage installation of efficiency measures), and more.  

We Will Help You Make Every Dollar Count

Not seeing the energy savings you expected from current programs? WECC has the knowledge and insight necessary to revamp or fine tune your overall portfolio to help you achieve the maximum return on your investment. We can start by performing thorough research to discover the income levels, behaviors, and needs of the residents and businesses in your service territory or community. Based on those findings, we will identify benefit-cost ratios and the measures and incentives that make the most sense for your customers. We can also help you file your plan with your regulatory body and assist with reporting at the end of the program cycle.

Think it’s time to add to or reevaluate your suite of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs? WECC can shed light on new and missed opportunities. Contact us today to get started.