Mission Accomplished: We're a "Green Master!"

We are excited to share that WECC was named a 2016 Green Master at the 9th Annual Wisconsin Sustainable Business Conference! This distinction is yet another stepping stone in our quest to advance our corporate sustainability goals.

The Green Masters Program assesses and recognizes Wisconsin businesses for accomplishing and improving on their sustainability initiatives. The Program aims to provide organizations with a sustainability benchmark, and the opportunity to compare their performance to other companies in their sector. The Green Masters Program serves as a means to recognize businesses for their efforts, helping distinguish them from their peers.

Green Masters

The Program is based upon a points system, with participating businesses earning points by measuring sustainability performance in nine key areas: energy, carbon and other emissions, water, waste and materials management, transportation, supply chain, community and educational outreach, workforce, and governance. Achievement is recognized at three levels:

  • Green Apprentice—participants earning 9 to 250 points
  • Green Professional—participants earning 250 points or more
  • Green Master—top 20 percent of participants

The Program is designed to foster continuous improvement, and WECC is a testament to this model: Last year, we earned 454 points, placing us in the Green Professional category. In 2016, we accumulated 587 total points, scoring in the top 20 percent of approximately 200 participating businesses!

We may have met this goal, but we’re not stopping here! Stay tuned for more information regarding the results of our 2016 corporate sustainability plan.