WECC Staff Earn BPI Healthy Home Evaluator (HHE) Certification

Earlier this month, the Building Performance Institute (BPI) announced a nationwide launch of the Healthy Home Evaluator (HHE) certification. The certification was developed to help home performance, weatherization, and healthy housing workers detect conditions that may adversely affect occupant health and safety.

WECC is excited to have three staff members—Greg Nahn, Bob Pfeiffer, and Cory Chovanec—already certified as Healthy Home Evaluators. Earlier this year, our building science specialists participated in the pilot phase of BPI’s HHE certification, completing the required training and exam. Professionals must hold BPI Building Analyst (BA), Energy Auditor (EA), or Quality Control Inspector (QCI) certification prior to pursing the HHE. 

"BPI has always focused on health and safety issues such as carbon monoxide and natural gas leaks," said BPI CEO Larry Zarker. "Now with the HHE, we are including a deeper look at home issues that could negatively impact the health and safety of America's families."  HHE certified building science professionals are trained to assess hazards such as asthma triggers from dust, moisture and mold, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), lead-based paint, asbestos, radon, and carbon monoxide leaks, as well as potential fire hazards, trip and fall hazards, and pest management issues.

WECC is proud to be at the forefront of this initiative, and we look forward to utilizing our HHE certification in home performance assessments!

Visit BPI’s website to learn how to obtain certification.