MPower Business Champion

We are proud to announce our graduation from Sustain Dane’s MPower Business Champion Program in March 2016! The program works with organizations throughout Madison, Wisconsin, to design, implement, and measure a customized sustainability strategy.

Throughout the year-long program, we identified and executed tactics to reduce our environmental impact and costs while creating a healthier workplace and community. The MPower Champion program was a great experience for WECC’s Green Team as we continue to refine our efforts to incorporate sustainable practices into our workplace!

With the help of MPower, some of our exciting new sustainability initiatives include:

  • Sustainable procurement: We evaluated and revamped our RFP process—
    including everything from the types and quantity of office supplies we order to
    how frequently they’re delivered. We just sent out our first RFP with a
    sustainability disclosure included!

  • Community Supported Agriculture: This summer, our employees will enjoy
    fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and eggs from the Vermont Valley CSA—
    delivered straight to WECC’s doorstep!

  • Environmentally-friendly catering: We are taking a closer look at the dining-
    related materials used at our internal events. We are working with our catering companies to encourage and implement more sustainable practices, and plan to
    reduce waste by utilizing reusable dishes and utensils.

  • Garden and compost: We will continue our composting efforts, and are in the process of preparing our on-site garden for springtime planting! We are excited
    to donate our harvest to a local food pantry this fall.

  • Enhanced renewable energy monitoring: We are upgrading our current
    energy monitoring software to a new platform which allows for real-time
    monitoring of our solar panel output. A new display/interface will refresh
    touchscreens throughout the building, making information easier to under-
    stand and more accessible to our employees and visitors.