Our Mission in Action

WECC champions and delivers
innovative energy initiatives
that produce enduring
economic and environmental benefits for all

WECC's commitment to saving energy extends far beyond the office. We are actively involved in organizations that work to improve the energy efficiency of communities in Wisconsin and beyond. We are passionate about preserving our environment, and constantly seek out opportunities to educate, motivate, and transform citizens into energy-conscious individuals. Below are just a few examples of how we are making a difference outside the energy-consulting world. 

Wisconsin Academy: Wisconsin's Climate & Energy Future

Three of WECC's thought leaders are involved with the Academy, which works with organizations across Wisconsin to develop a road map of opportunities to address climate change. With the support of clean, energy efficient alternatives, the Academy's ultimate goal is to reduce Wisconsin's carbon footprint. Through forums and other events, the people of Wisconsin explore and discuss the climate and energy challenges faced by our region. 

WECC's President and CEO, Mary Schlaefer, serves on the advisory committee for the academy's Climate and Energy Future division. Also serving on the committee are WECC Board members Peter Kilde and Kelly Cain. The committee works diligently to develop practical solutions to reducing energy usage strategies that can be cost-effectively and seamlessly implemented on a broad scale.

Green Tier Legacy Communities Charter

The Green Tier Legacy Communities Charter is a unique partnership between Wisconsin communities, nonprofit organizations, and state agencies that work together to assist communities in developing and implementing sustainability measures. WECC provides resources and support to Wisconsin communities that have made a commitment to superior environmental performance.

ACI National Home Performance Conference Program Committee

For more than 10 years, WECC has supported the Affordable Comfort Inc. (ACI) National Home Performance Conference & Trade Show by serving on the conference's Program Committee. WECC employees volunteer their time and expertise to assist ACI with conference development including proposal review and selection of content and presenters for educational sessions. 

The Wisconsin Collaborative for Affordable Housing

The Wisconsin Collaborative for Affordable Housing is a division of the Wisconsin Community Action Program Association (WISCAP) providing programs, services, and other assistance to low-income households. WECC assists with the Collaborative's annual Building Successful Communities: A Home for Everyone Conference. WECC employees dedicate their time outside of the office to organize and moderate conference sessions, demonstrating our continued commitment to and involvement in energy efficient affordable housing in Wisconsin.

MATC Construction and Remodeling Program Advisory Committee

WECC serves on the Madison Area Technical College (MATC)'s Construction and Remodeling Program Advisory Committee. The college engages WECC in the planning/design phase of construction and remodeling projects to acquire our input regarding energy efficiency best practices. We advise the college on these endeavors as well as various curricula and student projects.