Enhancing Our Efficiency Programs with energyOrbit

Energy efficiency programs are evolving, and so are the needs of our clients and their customers. As a pioneer in this industry, we understand the importance of continually advancing our products, services, and the technologies that support them. That’s why we’ve partnered with leading cloud-based solution provider energyOrbit to develop a dynamic new program management tool. 


The energyOrbit dashboard—accessible from any device with an Internet connection—will provide utility partners with real-time access to program updates and reporting. Similarly, utility customers can access the platform to submit and track rebate requests online—resulting in a simplified user experience that makes participating in energy savings programs easy and intuitive. But the benefits don’t end there: Enhancing our programs with the energyOrbit tool further streamlines administrative processes—making WECC’s program offerings more cost-effective than ever!

We’re excited to take this next step in enhancing our energy efficiency and demand-side management expertise. To learn more, check out our joint press release with energyOrbit or contact us!