Board of Directors

Don Esposito

Division President, Tim O’Brien Homes of Madison

Don has been a member of WECC’s Board of Directors since 2012. A leader in the building industry for more than 35 years, Don has long held executive positions with single and multifamily builders across the United States. He possesses a deep understanding of green building practices, energy conservation, building codes, and low-impact land development techniques. He offers extremely useful insights in regards to WECC’s residential new construction strategies and programs.

Don is currently Market President of Tim O’Brien Homes’ division in Madison, Wis., which builds 100 percent Green Built and Focus on Energy compliant single family dwellings. He has grown the organization into the third-largest homebuilding company in Dane County. Don is actively involved in numerous sustainable organizations, having co-founded the Green Tier Clear Waters Initiative in 2006. He has also served on the Dane County Stormwater Infiltration Task Force and the City of Madison’s Committee on the Environment, Erosion Control subcommittee. In 2009, Don was honored as one of four Dane County Water Champions.