Direct Installation Program Solutions

Surefire Ways to Energy Savings

Many homeowners have not yet made the switch to energy efficient lighting, appliances, and other products. We understand their hesitation—they may not be aware of the opportunities to increase efficiency in their home, or understand the savings potential of specific items. Or, they believe that most upgrades are simply out of their price range. Need help getting through to these customers? WECC’s approach to direct installation programs converts typical residents into energy-saving, energy-savvy homeowners—reducing demand and improving the performance of your residential energy efficiency program portfolio. 

Personalized, Positive Experience

The first part of a successful direct installation program includes the outreach, education, and recruitment of participants. Our marketing and outreach teams know the pain points of this target market and what tactics and messages drive participation. WECC’s field staff provides a positive customer experience by explaining the benefits of cost-effective, energy-saving alternatives in simple, easy-to-understand terms. Our diligent network of trade allies and contractors install selected measures, providing homeowners with instructions and best practices, as well as maintenance tips and schedules.

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