Sustainability Solutions for your Company

Where does your company fall on the sustainability spectrum? Whether your business is already in the vanguard of corporate environmental sustainability, or you find yourself needing to catch up with the market, WECC offers solutions to help you take the next step in integrating sustainable measures into your operations.

  • Sustainability planning: Improvement starts with a solid plan. WECC will facilitate a robust sustainability planning process, gaining insights from your company’s leadership and key personnel. In addition to calculating baseline performance and identifying opportunities for improvement, we will support you in setting goals, securing funding for your project(s), and quantifying the positive impacts of sustainability (thereby building the business case for sustainable actions). WECC will deliver a customized sustainability plan grounded in your current operations, which is designed to be achievable and result in meaningful improvements.

  • Sustainability reporting: When it comes to sustainability reporting, transparency is paramount; stakeholders demand clear, reliable information about environmental performance and penalize companies that provide incomplete, inaccurate, or misleading information. Our staff is trained by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)—the gold standard in comprehensive sustainability reporting—and we will guide you through each step of the reporting process. WECC staff are also certified Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quantifiers, and will calculate your company’s carbon footprint to help you report emissions reductions progress with confidence to customers and investors.

  • Facility improvements: Most commercial energy and water consumption takes place within the built environment. WECC has more than three decades of experience helping businesses reduce their energy use. We’ll utilize our expertise to assess energy and water usage within your buildings, and facilitate improvement projects that result in significant savings.

  • Financing: While facility improvements result in considerable cost savings over time, they require an investment of resources up front. WECC will help you secure affordable financing to enable swift project completion.

Contact us today to discuss your corporate sustainability goals. We look forward to leading your business on a path to reducing costs, emissions, and wasted energy and resources.