Commitment to Sustainability

Each and every day, we pursue our mission to champion and deliver innovative energy initiatives that produce enduring economic and environmental benefits. While our clients are at the cornerstone of that mission, we also strive to incorporate responsible energy use and sustainable practices within our own organization.

In an effort to take our approach to corporate sustainability to the next level, we developed a formal plan to support our business efforts in 2017. Below is an outline of the objectives and goals related to this plan, which will help us maintain a net zero carbon footprint this fiscal year and beyond!

Though we are already engaging in many of the activities below, we look forward to developing ongoing strategies and measurements to ensure that, as a mission-based nonprofit organization, we set an example for our clients and community.

climate change

Climate Change

Decrease negative impact on climate change.

WECC will:

  • Become carbon neutral or carbon negative in regard to WECC’s building energy use and transportation.
  • Through core WECC business, influence clients to decrease negative impact on climate change.
  • Influence the community to decrease negative impact on climate change through education and outreach.


Decrease fossil fuel-sourced energy consumption in WECC-owned facilities.

WECC will:

  • Increase  energy conservation and efficiency; decrease energy use.
  • Increase/maintain the use of renewable energy generated on and off-site.


Decrease energy consumption and emissions from transportation.

WECC will:

  • Use less energy-consuming and greenhouse gas-emitting transportation, and use more efficient methods of transportation.


Maintain or increase water conservation level.

WECC will:

  • Decrease potable water use.
  • Optimize storm water management.
material use

Material Use

Improve the procurement and use of materials to be more environmentally sustainable.

WECC will:

  • Increase the procurement of materials based on sustainability criteria.
  • Decrease the use of materials that are harmful to the natural environment.


Reduce the amount of waste entering landfills.

WECC will:

  • Decrease the generation of waste.
  • Increase diversion of waste by recycling, reusing, and composting.
  • Decrease use of materials that are harmful to the natural environment.
social corporate responsibility

Social Corporate Responsibility

Conduct business in a manner that is responsible and respectful toward employees, clients, and the
community at large, including attempting to influence others to become more sustainable.

WECC will:

  • Increase educational outreach in areas of subject matter expertise.
  • Increase employee giving to the community.
  • Increase service to the community through nonprofit board activity.
  • Increase employee volunteerism in the community.